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Leadership and Effective Team Working

Bernadette's most recent publication supports leaders to create and sustain highly effective teams, embracing different working styles and maintaining effective communication and awareness of choice, even when under pressure.


Bernadette shares live case studies to describe how leaders can support individuals, teams and organisations to maintain effective communication and flexibility within the context of fast moving volatile environments.

Leaders are found in all parts of every organisation and can use Working Styles theory to deepen their own communication skills and to interact well with those around them. 


Teams containing different working styles are creative, potent and can develop more options.  Providing teams with a knowledge of Working Styles can support people to be at their best and to sustain good team performance even when under pressure.  Leaders can create environments based on shared sustainable purpose, updating team awareness of changing organisational circumstances, appreciating the value of different styles and collaborating for mutual benefit. 

Readers will gain valuable insights and practical approaches to creating and maintaining effective working relationships, including a ‘how to’ guide to apply the Working Styles model to develop and maintain high performing teams.


This article is available as a chapter in Three Pillars of Organisation and  Leadership in Disruptive Times, part of the prestigious Springer Future of Business and Finance series. 


Preview available here:https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030232269


Other publications


A chapter in the Kogan Page publication Leading International Projects, sharing the benefits of implementing a coaching approach within Project Management. 

Follow this llink to purchase a copy:



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Previous publications include:


A case study for a Coaching at Work article on the developmental impact of coach supervision. 


In 2017 Bernadette co-authored a case study on the practice and benefits of peer coach mentoring on core coaching competencies to improve coach performance.


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