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Working Styles Workshop – An insight into building effective communications with others.  

Have you noticed that other people may take a different approach to getting things done? Perhaps you find this helpful in creating new options? Maybe it can be frustrating as you wonder why someone else doesn’t see it your way?

Having an awareness of our own working style is invaluable as we consider how to communicate and work effectively with team members, business partners, clients and key stakeholders.

This session will introduce you to 5 core working styles from well-established Transactional Analysis theory. You will leave understanding more about your own working style, and how to communicate effectively with others who have different preferences.  You will also learn about the limiting factors of each style, and how to manage these.

Individuals find this workshop insightful as they understand more about their natural strengths.  Teams can use this information to choose how to collaborate more effectively and integrate all Working Styles, appreciating the value of difference and creating moer options to acheive their objectives.


Open workshops run throughout the year, and can also be tailored to meet specific organisation requirements.  Use the Contact Form to request the latest information.

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