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client testimonials


Being coached by Bernadette was an enlightening, fun, challenging liberating and uplifting experience. I left the session energised, feeling lighter and with a sense that I had learned and experienced things that would stay with me and stay useful to me for a long time.

Lizzie, Independent Consultant


Looking back on the decisions made and their successful implementation I recognise that in all probability without the coaching I would not have extended my thinking as far as I did and would have settled for unnecessary compromises. I was supported and challenged in facing into some complex and difficult issues that will shape the next years of my working and family life.

David, Company Director


My coach was very assured and professional and was able to establish a rapport where openness and trust was implicit. My initial scepticism was allayed and I was actively applying the learning after the first coaching session. I have no doubt that I will become a more self aware, empathetic and effective leader as a result.                

Eddie, Head of Risk Management, Government Department


Bernadette's flexibility and skill enabled me to gain many insights into my performance...and enabled me to change my style to get results that I would not have believed possible.

Ian, Regional Sales Manager, Mars


I was able to find ways forward through a very difficult and complex situation. Bernadette worked with me non-directively which enabled me to find and own my own solutions. Bernadette carefully contracts with her clients in each session to ensure the client gets the maximum benefit from the coaching. Bernadette is an excellent coach who is committed to working to the highest standards.                 Diane, Company Director


From our initial meeting onwards it was clear that Bernadette was going to be able to help me with a number of management and development opportunities.  I wanted to develop my skills as a strategic thinker, leader and effective delegator and to improve my self-confidence.  The coaching allowed me to reflect on the appropriateness of my goals, working practices and interactions with colleagues and satisfied the need to place my working life in context, ultimately enabling me to achieve a better work  life balance.  Rob, Educator


Through my coaching experience I was able to become clearer and less fuzzy, and distinctly define what I want to do and what I have to offer. I'd be delighted to work with Bernadette again, and would definitely recommend her to others. She has the ability to drill down into detail and untangle the strands of complex subjects. She is able to challenge and hold the client accountable in a supportive and encouraging way.Jo, Company Director



WEb based coach supervision groups start soon

Coach supervision supports us to be at our best for our clients, and to grow, develop and thrive.


Small online coach groups working together on a private platform for mutual learning and development.


'Taster' sessions will take place in August and September.  Contact us for more details & to book a place. 

 taster dates: 

Tuesday 29 August 4pm and 7pm              Friday 1 September 10am  

Monday 4 September 4pm and 7pm         Monday 11 September 7pm


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