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forthcoming events

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Professional Development Events

Introduction to coach supervision – online conversations 2019

Thursday 25 April 10 – 11.30am


Tuesday 28 May 10 - 11.30am


Supervision is a powerful enabler of coach development and growth, supporting us to work with protection, permission and potency, inviting coaches and clients to thrive in their work and life.

Supervision provides deep learning opportunities, increasing consciousness of coach successes strengths and achievements.  It brings into awareness any blind spots or limiting beliefs.  It enables us to have a safe space to examine our work, meet challenges and create more options, being at our best for our clients.

Transactional Analysis Peer Group

Friday 12 April 10 am – 1pm

Previous events


Working Styles – An insight into building effective communications with others

Have you noticed that other people may take a different approach to getting things done? Perhaps you find this helpful in creating new options? Maybe it can be frustrating as you wonder why someone else doesn’t see it your way?

Having an awareness of our own working style is invaluable as we consider how to communicate and work effectively with team members, business partners, coaching clients – and friends and family too. All are welcome to join this experiential event.

This session will introduce you to 5 core working styles from well-established Transactional Analysis theory. You will leave understanding more about your own working style, and how to communicate effectively with others who have different preferences.

Creating Awareness Coaching Masterclass  - Deepening Coaching Skills using core coaching competencies 

Bernadette Cass PCC leads this session to enquire how we use enquiry to invite coaching clients to gain greater awareness and clarity, and support clients to discover new thoughts and beliefs that strengthen their ability to achieve what is important to them.

Fluency with coaching competencies informs us about who we are as coaches and enables us to meet our clients at our best, deepening awareness of our own style and approach, and strengthening skills and performance.

This is an experiential session for coaches, where you will have the opportunity to examine a core coaching competency in depth and to observe and practise its use in a live coaching session. You will be invited to share your response and learnings within the group, deepening your coaching skills and extending your coaching practice. 

General information - Coaching Masterclasses in York  

Bernadette Cass PCC offers pro bono coach mentoring and development sessions on behalf of the UK International Coach Federation.  These sessions focus on deepening our understanding and use of core coaching competencies.  All coaches are welcome, manager as a coach, professional coaches or those in coach training.


These are experiential sessions, where you will have the opportunity to examine a core coaching competency in depth, or to examine a topic deepening your coaching skills.  ICF CCEUs are usually available to participants as evidence of Continuing Professional Development.





New online coach Supervision and development groups  

Informal discussion and taster sessions will take place  on 

Thursday 25 April 10-1130 Tuesday 28 May 10-1130


Use the contact form if you'd like an information pack or to book a free place on a taster session.


Leadership and effective team working 

A practical guide to how leaders can create and sustain high performing teams

Use the contact form if you'd like an information pack or are interested in joining a workshop in 2019.


online Coach mentoring groups

Investing time exploring the richness of core coaching competencies enables us to deepen skills, explore new possibilities, and create powerful coaching experiences for ourselves and our clients.


If you'd like to check out if this programme is for you book a place on the next taster session.


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