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forthcoming events

2018 dates are currently being finalised. Please use the contact form to let us know if you'd like to be invited to these or future events.


Coaching Masterclasses in York  

Bernadette Cass offers pro bono coach mentoring and development sessions on behalf of the UK International Coach Federation.  These sessions focus on deepening our understanding and use of core coaching competencies.  All coaches are welcome, manager as a coach, professional coaches or those in coach training.


These are experiential sessions, where you will have the opportunity to examine a core coaching competency in depth and to observe and practice its use in a live coaching session.  You will be invited to share your response and learnings within the group, deepening your coaching skills.  ICF CCEUs are usually available to participants as evidence of Continuing Professional Development.


Previous Events


December 7  2017 6-8pm
Establishing the Coaching Agreement How do coaches invite clients
to name the coaching objectives and partner with them to support the achievement of attainable outcomes. How do coaches invite clients to achieve their goal for each session within the context of acheiving the overall goals of the coaching programme.
How do we recognise when the coaching agreement may need to be adjusted?


JULY 10 - 16 International Supervision Week


Bernadette Cass PCC leads a session to share her approach to supervision and how it supports coaches to and clients to grow and thrive.


June 2017 Powerful Questioning Coaching Masterclass

How do coaches ask questions that reveal the information needed for maximum benefit to the coaching relationship and the client, and evoke discovery, insight and commitment to action?


13.30 15 May 2017 Active Listening Coaching Masterclass 

How do we harness the power of listening to what is spoken and unspoken, paying attention to the client agenda, and appreciate the impact of being fully listened to?  This interactive session runs as part of International Coaching Week and is suitable for coaches and non-coaches.


Location: Main Hall, York CVS, 15 Priory Street YO1 6ET


18 May 2017 York Transactional Analysis Peer Group 

Members of this group are committed to using TA as the supporting theory for our work.  We share our expertise and learning, exploring theory and bringing live case studies. Contact Bernadette for more information.


4 April 2017 Coaching Presence

How does the coach create a spontaneous relationship with the client, employing a style that is open flexible and confident.


Thinking Community Coaching - March 2017

Conference jointly sponsored by Coaching York and City of York Council


Bernadette is a member of the design team of the recent Community Coaching programme which was offered to charities in the York area.  If you are interested in establishing Community coaching, want to run a programme, or wonder what the coach and organisational benefits might be, then this workshop is for you! 


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Coach supervision: New online groups start Spring 2018

The next supervision taster sessions take place on Thursday 22 March and Wednesday 4 April.

Use the contact  form to request an information pack or to book a place. 


Coach supervision supports us to be at our best for our clients, and to grow, develop and thrive.


Small online groups working together on a private platform for mutual learning and development.


online Coach mentoring groups start Spring 2018

Investing time exploring the richness of core coaching competencies enables us to deepen skills, explore new possibilities, and create powerful coaching experiences for ourselves and our clients.


If you'd like to check out if this programme is for you book a place on the next taster session.


York transactional analysis peer group

Spring meeting dates are now available.  Use the contact form if you'd like more information.

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